Still using PowerPoint® for worship at your church?

Find out how Presentation Manager compares...

So your church is still using Power Point® for song projection in worship services? Are you fed up of using a blunt knife when what you need is a sharp fit for purpose tool? Take a look at the comparison list below to see how Presentation Manager Inspired can save you hair pulling, manic scrambling, stares and comments, and give you the flexibility that will make your ministry job during praise and worship services so much easier and smoother, and will reduce those stares!

  • Presentation Manager comes with a Bible and Song database already installed. There is no switching between a Bible program or a separate song database to get the text for your worship presentations. You can even add as many songs as you like to our database for easy access when needed.

  • Presentation Manager is designed for spontaneous changes to a service plan. With ‘Click n' Show” functionality a song or Bible passage can be displayed directly from the database, on-the-fly, without building any slides. If the preacher / speaker wants a Bible passage displayed that is not in the prepared service plan, it is easy to jump out and display the passage he wants and then return to the previous position in the service plan.

  • Presentation Manager treats movie files like standard graphics making it easy to display text over movie files.

  • Presentation Manager can also place text over a live video feed.

  • Presentation Manager comes with a built in song editor , spell checker and formatting tools so your song verses can be automatically configured and setup ready for displaying on screen.

  • Presentation Manager includes a Nursery Alert box for displaying numbers, sets of numbers, or messages during worship.

  • Presentation Manager takes advantage of dual display and triple display technology. This allows the operator to control 2 projectors with different presentations on each as well as have their own program screen separate from the output screen.

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